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The Freedom Park is a place for children to let their creativity loose, allow their imagination to soar and to discover the joy of learning new and interesting things. The aim is to provide an environment that will stimulate the child’s natural desire to learn and aid his overall development.

Brain development is a combination of genetics and environment. It is the genes that create the structure of the circuit - but it is the combination of nutrition, the environment,and stimulation that determines how the circuit is “wired” or connected together.

Developing the brain is all about wiring it in the most efficient way. Do you know that your baby’s brain will complete almost 90% of its physical development by the time she is 5 years old?

It is extremely important to make the most of these first few years. At Freedom Park, we have the Mother-Toddler Club for tiny tots to attend in the company of their mothers and the Curious Minds Fun Club for the slightly older children. Both types of classes are designed in an age-appropriate manner and on a completely scientific basis.

At The Freedom Park we believe that every child has a seed of genius in his or her own way.We simply provide a fertile ground for the seed to take root and nurture it by providing stimulating, intelligent and creative nourishment.

Our aim is to make the first two years of your childs life most memorable and conctructive.

Celebrating & spreading joy in our toddler's world are a part of the curriculum at Freedom Park.

We are blessed with a very enthusiastic group of Mothers who dare to take one step forward with us for their child.