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What is the Curious Minds Fun Club?

The Curious Minds Fun Club is a bridge between school and home. Here, children socialize with other children amidst a lot of fun and frolic, without the constraints of a rigid syllabus or formal pattern. Children are inherently curious by nature. At the Fun Club, their curiosity is stimulated and satisfied too. As a result, they remember everything that they learn for a long time.

At what age can a child join the Fun Club?

The Fun Club is for children between the ages of two-and-a-half and six years.

What are the activities done in class?.


Every month there are exclusive pottery and clay modeling sessions with a specialist faculty. Clay modeling is wonderful for developing large muscles as well as fine motor skills of a child. Large muscles are used as the clay is solid and the child has to use all the muscles to make it do what he wants, and fine motor skills are utilized while pinching and rolling and maneuvering the clay to shape it.


Every week there is one session of Tabla. Learning to play the Tabla is known to help coordination, stimulate memory development and focus, increase the hearing quotient,and develop rhythmic control and sense of improvisation.

Craft and Drawing:

Art can help develop a child's creativity, imagination, cognitive skills,problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, and much more. The use of various types of materials, paints and unusual tools, such as printing with vegetables, sponge dabbing, blow painting, etc. makes every session interesting.

Story-Telling and Puppet Theatre:

These activities open up the imagination of children.and boost thinking capacity. They help reinforce good qualities such as kindness, good manners, etc without making the children defensive. There is also the added benefit of improved vocabulary and enhanced listening skills in children.


Through simple recipes like sandwiches and canapés, children learn the joy of preparing simple dishes on their own. They also gain an understanding of the efforts their mothers put into cooking for them and become much more receptive to eating nutritious food.


The focus is on giving a practical experience of simple scientific concepts. For example, mixing colours with water to demonstrate a property of water, or simple experiments to show that air exerts pressure or that air occupies space, etc.


Dance is an enjoyable way to increase your child's flexibility, range of motion,physical strength and stamina. As children adjust to the movements and postures taught by a special faculty, they get a better sense of their bodies and this helps to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Yoga and Brain Gym Exercises:

Both of these are known to have multiple mind and body benefits.

Physical Exercise:

Children thoroughly enjoy various kinds of physical activities such as colour-hop, banana race, hurdle race, etc. which also provide a safe outlet for their seemingly boundless energy. These activities also help to develop their gross motor skills.

How is the Fun Club different from the Mother-Toddler Club or from regular school, and what are the benefits of joining?

The Fun Club is for children who have started school and have already acquired a level of independence. They interact with the teachers and other children on their own which helps them to become socially confident. The activities are designed to help develop the multiple intelligences of a child, yet do not follow a school-like curriculum. The focus is on hands-on learning with innovative, fun-filled activities.