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Texture Walk:

Children learn through all their senses, including touch. They love to explore their environment by running their hands through grass, sifting sand through their fingers,and rubbing their faces against soft blankets. Providing different materials for the baby or child stimulates their sense of touch. On Texture Day, the children’s natural tendency of exploring through their sense of touch was given free rein. They walked on, sat in, and touched all kinds of textures: soft, smooth, hard, knobby, fluffy, silky, scratchy, coarse,bumpy…

Colour Me Dad:

Children begin to notice and become interested in color at an early age.And what better occasion than Holi to have fun with colours? But this Holi was even more special because it was the Dads who came to class with the children. Mummas were banned! Dad and child raced, and painted with their feet, and played with colour. And together they made a souvenir to take home, a fridge magnet with a special photo of just the two of them, with a coloured rice border.

Strawberry Day:

This was a yummy day! The children were dressed in strawberry prints and wore strawberry headbands specially made by the Didis. But the best part of the day was when they helped make strawberry milkshake. Chattering excitedly, they added the fresh, juicy strawberries to the milk with their own hands and of course, helped themselves to a few plump, red berries. Then, not a peep, as they sat down and drank the delicious,pink milkshake. Milk, oh yum, we looove milk…

Grandparents’ Day:

Just before Diwali, it was the Grandparents’ turn to come to class with their little darlings. They prayed, sang songs, and played games. It was time to revisit their childhood. Together, they created a special flower painting with palm prints and decorated diwali diyas to take home.