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What is the Mother-Toddler Club?

The Mother-Toddler Club is a place for mother and child to sing, dance and play together. At Freedom Park, mothers are able to concentrate on and enjoy special bonding time with their child. It is a universal truth that the mother has the biggest influence on her child’s emotional and intellectual development. Since a mother-child bond is the first and foremost bond formed, the child easily accepts the learning that comes through his mother. Most importantly, it is not a school.

How is it different from a school?

It is true that the programmes have a thorough scientific basis and are carefully designed to stimulate the child’s brain development. But there is neither a rigid format nor any pressure on the child to perform or conform. The results are manifested automatically while the mother and child simply have a wonderful time together.

At what age can a child join the club?

A child can join the club at 3 months. The programmes are designed for children between the ages of 3 months to 30 months.

What is the duration of a course?

Each course has duration of 6 months. There are 3 sessions every week, either on Mon-Wed-Fri or Tues-Thurs-Sat. Every session is of one and a half hours.

How is a child’s interest engaged?

Once a mother and child join the club, the next 18 months will all have unique plans. Every month has a central theme around which the classes are woven. The sessions consist of a variety of short, bite-sized activities that focus on stimulating multiple intelligences of the child. Please refer to our Guiding Principles section for more information.

What happens in class?

A class is generally a combination of the following elements.

Settling Activity:

A few minutes of activities such as beading, transferring rice from one bowl to another using a scooper, etc. help the child to settle down and also aid in developing fine motor skills.



Children are exposed to music through live vocals, tabla, keyboard, and a variety of percussion instruments like tambourine, sistrum, etc. along with rhymes and song and dance routines.



We respect the diversity that is India and introduce various prayers in order to encourage spiritual development and intrapersonal skills in the child.



The central theme of the month is conveyed through enactment, puppetry, storytelling,magic box, etc.


Language Acquisition:

The child is introduced to a total of 7 languages, including Sanskrit and 5 foreign languages through the use of flash cards and audio visuals like English Times.The screen time is restricted to no more than 5 to 7 minutes per session and the visuals are not based on pure animation.



The ability to learn about new subjects and find helpful information depends on our ability to read. Therefore, we hope to inculcate in the child a love for the written word.With a library system of books, we ensure that there is a wide variety of reading material available for the children rather than the same old, repetitive fare.


Art and Craft:

Each child has an art book which they fill with colourful pictures and craft with the help of their mothers. The innovative use of colours, paints, textures and other materials sparks the innate creativity of the child.


Play and Games:

There are loads of physical activities like innovative races, sand play,dough play and simple enjoyable exercises that encourage the children to become active. In addition, every day the children do a few brain gym exercises that are known to integrate body and mind in order to improve concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing,listening, physical coordination, and more.


Special Events:

The central theme which has been gradually built up culminates into a special day at the end of the month. A peek into what the events look like can be found here. Field trips are conducted to encourage a child to explore the environment fully.Festivals like Makar Sankranti, Janmashtami, Christmas, etc. are celebrated with much fan fare. An effort is made to include the father and grandparents in a few events, so that they can also experience the joy firsthand.

What are the benefits of joining the Mother-Toddler Club?

The benefits are manifold. Since the child is accompanied by the mother, s/he is completely comfortable and learns new things in a relaxed manner. The children get an opportunity to socialize, learn to share and make friendships. Mothers also get to meet other mothers and exchange ideas. The positive interaction between mother and child, away from the demands of daily routine, also builds up the child’s confidence and self-worth.